Brand new Piaggio Apecar

The first pictures of our brand new Piaggio Apecar in its full glory, equipped with a two group Mirage from Kees van der Westen (scroll down)

The Buscaglione Ape is a complete, mobile coffee bar, perfect for shows and events. In the near future you will undoubtably be coming across our wonderful brews at many events.

The Piaggio Ape arrived on the Italian market in 1948, after the second world war, as a practical commercial vehicle. The mechanicals came from a Vespa with two rear wheels. It was originally also called VespaCar or TriVespa. Thanks to its usefulness it quickly acquired the name of Ape.

Today many are still seen in Italy, especially in the south, in backstreets and as a mobile market stall alongside the road. Most Apecars are built by Piaggio India. Ours was custom made by specialist Van Marrewijk in Boskoop. Lets be honest now, isn’t it beautiful?

Information: 0031-346-258002