Buscaglione has launched a range of premium mixers

Buscaglione has launched a range of premium mixers from The London Essence, elegant and balanced mixers for the top hospitality segment.

The London Essence create carefully calibrated mixers with the help of modern distillation technology, passion and input from the most prominent bartenders in London. Every mixer from The London Essence contains a distilled essence in order to deliver uniquely aromatic flavours. All mixers by The London Essence are low calorie, containing a natural sweetener.

With The London Essence Buscaglione offer a premium mixer for (non-) alcoholic cocktails and aperitifs scubas the popular espresso tonic. An espresso tonic makes a perfect aperitif or non-alcoholic cocktail. The subtle mixers bring the best out of premium spirits such as gin, vodka, rum, tequila, cognac etc. The London Essence range includes:

Classic London tonic
A perfectly balance between sweet citrus notes, attractive bitter quinine and the distilled essence of juniper berries. We recommend combining this modern classic with dry gins, grain vodkas and even barrel aged rum.

Grapefruit & Rosemary tonic
A combination of cold pressed grapefruit oil and the distilled essence of rosemary with a touch of quinine. This tonic combines well with citrus based gins and, if you are more adventurous, discover how it compliments the bitterness of aperitifs.

Bitter Orange & Elderflower tonic
A mix of ethereal oils from orange peel, the distilled essence of elderflowers and a touch of quinine. Match this tonic with juniper heavy gins, grape or rye vodkas and, more innovatively, with reposed tequilas.

The London Essence Company was founded in 1896, acquiring a reputation as a distiller of fruits and other plant based products.

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