At Buscaglione we love baristas that are a bit tough. Energetic boys and girls that run busy shops, dancing behind the machine and putting a couple of kilos of coffee through the mill every day. The atmosphere of an Italian coffee bar first thing in the morning, lets say.

Previous Dutch champion barista Jeroen Veldkamp has spotted a trend for “simpler machines, keep your head up and just pull.” Says Veldkamp in a big interview for trade publication Misset Horeca. Veldkamp was the first Dutch champion Barista and is a coffee authority. He outlines a movement against scales and pressure profiling.

According to the famous barista more blends are going to be used in the place of single origins. Blends are more consistent and less sensitive to pressure and temperature than single origins. Veldkamp: “In 2002, when I participated in the first championship, we just pulled a bag of beans out of a box and went to work. You were the machine operator. We didn’t have scales. You just measured coffee based on feel.”

We blend our top range of Italian coffee blends especially for the machine operators among baristas: Bar, Oro, Anniversario and Eurobar. Our barista range is available in 1 kilo bags. To find out more about the tough blends from Buscaglione click here.