Famous coffee cocktail

Buscaglione barista blends Bar, Oro, Anniversario and Eurobar serve as not only the perfect basis for cappuccinos and lattes but also for homemade iced coffee or an invigorating coffee cocktail such as the world famous espresso martini, discovered by renowned British bartender Dick Bradsell.

The espresso martini was invented by the British bartender Dick Bradsell who died two years ago, aged 56, from brain cancer. Bradsell was the man who breathed new life into the cocktail scene in the 1980s. Bradsell became world famous as the head bar tender of Atlantic Bar and Grill, a popular restaurant in the hart of Soho. He invented several new cocktails that are today’s modern classics, such as the bramble and the vodka espresso, better known as the espresso martini.

The story goes that Bradsell thought up the espresso martini when working at Fred’s Club in the late ‘80s. A young model came to the bar asked Bradsell for “something to wake me up and fuck me up”. His solution was a mixture of vodka, fresh espresso, coffee liqueur and sugar, creating a bitter sweet, creamy drink with a strong kick thanks to the fresh Buscaglione espresso.

Ingredients for Espresso Martinis

* 25 ml vodka
* 25 ml coffee liquor
* 25 ml Buscaglione espresso
* 10 ml Monin Tonka bean or plain sugar syrup
* Glass: Libbey 1924 coupe
* Coffee beans to garnish
* Crushed ice

Use a cocktail shaker to shake the vodka, coffee liqueur, syrup/Monin and the freshly made espresso with plenty of crushed ice. Pour through a fine sieve into a chilled martini coupe. Garnish with three coffee beans.