Buscaglione is a Roman family business with a long tradition in high quality espresso. Our Dutch team is based in Breukelen.

Our coffees are roasted in a modern roastery just outside Rome. Our espressos are notable for the fact that we roast each single origin individually in order to develop their specific characteristics. Only after the roasting do we blend the beans to our traditional recipes. In this way our philosophy differs from many other roasters. The result in the cup is, for us, more important than the origin of the bean, la resa in tazze.

The Buscaglione Barista Academy is also located in Breukelen. At Buscaglione we place a lot of importance on support and sharing knowledge. We want everyone that works with our coffee to have the technical knowhow of how to make perfect coffee. The Buscaglione Barista Academy offers an extensive range of courses, from Barista Basics for beginners to the setting up of bar management.

Buscaglione Espresso
De Corridor 7
3621 ZA Breukelen
T +31 (0)346 25 80 02