Roots in the Vatican

Buscaglione is a traditional Italian espresso brand born in Rome, its history goes back to 1899. Buscaglione was originally the coffee of the Vatican. Nowadays it is drunk by aficionados the world over.

These days the roasting takes place in a modern roastery just outside Rome. We roast the various single origins individually in order to develop their specific characteristics. After roasting we blend the different origins according to our traditional Italian recipes.

Increasing numbers of professional baristas are using our top range of beans: Oro, Bar, Eurobar and Anniversario. In the Dutch catering industry Buscaglione is winning a growing fan base: Jonnie and Thérèse Boer from the three starred De Librije, Hilton Hotels, well known Amsterdamse establishments such as Koffiesalon and Palladium along with new hotspots such as BautZuid and restaurant C value the full flavours of Buscaglione Espresso.

Try the exceptional taste of our coffee yourself and step into the world of Buscaglione.

Buscaglione Espresso
De Corridor 7
3621 ZA Breukelen
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