Complete Solution for Hotels

Buscaglione is the perfect brand for hotels looking to emphasise their identity. We understand how important brand experience is for guests and therefore take care to maximise the visibility of Buscaglione. From a breathtaking Italian espresso bar in the lobby, to Buscaglione filter coffee for banqueting and a mini espresso system for hotel suites. A Buscaglione coffee bar works as a magnet, for guests and public alike.

Turnaround time, peak traffic and personnel availability are important factors for choosing a system. These determine the machine choice: traditional semi automatic, fully automatic bean to cup machines or serving systems. We work with the best machine producers. A range of solutions for all types of catering company are on display in our showroom in Breukelen. Our service team can also adjust existing machines for the requirements of Buscaglione coffee.

Finest quality filter coffee and portion packs
We supply professional baristas with our range of top quality beans: Oro, Bar, Eurobar and Anniversario. Buscaglione beans are hand picked from the best plantations. Buscaglione supply outstanding coffee for fully automatic machines at an attractive price. Buscaglione Professional Silver and Buscaglione Professional Gold are specially developed for fully automatic machines.

Professional Silver is a classic Italian blend. The blend and roast get the best out of the bean and machine. It is perfectly suited to breakfast, banqueting, meetings and other high volume locations. Professional gold has a more intense aroma and more chocolate notes. It is a full bodied blend well suited to preparation in an authentic Italian espresso or as the basis of a cappuccino from a fully automatic machine.

Our filter coffee is available in two portion pack formats. The portion packs are optimised for the various container sizes of coffee filter machines. This ensures no waste, freshness and no measurement of coffee.

Plug & Play for hotel rooms
We offer a range of systems for hotel suites: Servings, Nescaps and our own capsules. Our room systems combine Italian espresso tradition with user friendliness. Most Buscaglione blends are available for our mini systems. We can also create uniques, private label blends. Our capsules are individually packed to guarantee freshness.