Two revolutions at Chefs Rev

At the Buscaglione Espresso coffee bar during Chefs Rev two revolutions at once will be on offer: a unique espresso made with 100% robusta and the revolutionary Faema E71.

Buscaglione have made an espresso from 100% robusta specially for the 2016 Chefs Rev. The Chefs Rev Robusta is a blend of top quality Indian robustas. The result is a exceptionally sweet, rounded espresso full with chocolate notes. Jonnie Boer was enthusiastic about “his” Revolution Espresso during Chefs Rev: “This is delicious! I would also like this in the mill.” The Chefs Rev Robusta is a one off espresso with very limited availability.

Kerala lies in the southwest of India, a region with lush vegetation including many spices and more than 600 species of tree. The West-Ghats reach an altitude of more than 2000 meters in Kerala giving the area a cool and densely forested backdrop. The lower hills and valleys are used for the production of coffee, tea and various spices.

The coffee is 100% robusta, originating from an altitude of 900 meters and hand picked. The processing method is natural (unwashed). This method means that the coffee is dried in its own pulp. This type of processing is noted for its higher levels of ripe fruit sweetness and full mouthfeel.

Flavour Profile Chefs Rev Robusta:
Mouthfeel: Mild, rounded, lots of body
Flavourbalance: Due to the unwashed single origin bean sweet with appealing bitterness and attractive acidity
Aroma: Bitter chocolate, caramel
Crema: Medium to dark brown, thick

Fame E71
the Faema E71 is at Chefs Rev for its first appearance in The Netherlands. The machine is full of technical innovations and designed by leading Italian design studio, Guigiaro Design. This precision instrument enables the experienced barista to get the most out of coffee. The most important innovations:
Variable temperature for each group. The barista can easily adjust the temperature of each group using the touchscreen.
Choice of manual infusion. The barista can manually control the water with the infusion handle, as on the E61, or volumetrically via the touchscreen.
Innovative ergonomics. The E71 has an insulated steam pipe that remains completely cool and a new soft touch filter holder with an ergonomically shaped handgrip. The E machine is also lower to enable the barista to maintain visual contact with customers. the importer of the machine is Buscaglione partner Ticino Espresso.